January 13, 2019 3 By Ian Elroy Ogonji

Kenyan artists have had complaints about Kenyan music being ignored on the airplay. Djs and media stations have been on the receiving end, blames landing on them regarding the publicity and growth of Kenyan music. We interview one of Kenya’s hip hop artist, Madra and get to hear his side of view on this dire matter.

Tell us briefly about yourself

I am a Nairobi based upcoming hiphop artist and songwriter. Born and raised in kitengela.

What inspires your music?

Occurences in life. If I come across something that i feel i should rap about it just happens.

When did you start rapping?

I discovered i could rap while in class 7 back in 2012 but i started writing my own music while in highschool in 2014.

What’s your say about Kenyan music?

The kenyan music industry is slowly growing since more artists are getting into the scene. All it needs is support from we kenyans for it to grow further.

Do you get a hard time getting your song on airplay?

Not really. A couple of our tracks, ‘ chegget and gikomba’ have gotten airplay before on radio stations.

Do your folks listen to your songs?

Not really. They actually have a totally different taste of music that they listen to but still support what i do.

You and TheBoyBleezy recently dropped a song called “matako” tells us about it

This song is a dope track performed by TheBoyBleezy and I. It’s inspiration was we just felt like appreciating God’s creation
Obviously much bigger than it is right now
Set your goals in life then do you. Kuwa wewe.

Do you have any advice to Kenyan media regarding playing of Kenyan music?

Media stations, djs are not playing Kenyan music as much as they’re playing Nigerian and Bongo music. They should promote kenyan music first by playing them that much too.

Partying shot

It’s your boy Madra. Kenya you ain’t ready for this.

Click HERE to listen to “Matako” by MADRA and THEBOYBLEEZY.