February 29, 2020 0 By Davin kerubo Ombui

Being a woman it’s so hard to say that you have not or never had an orgasm/ cum with your partners during sex.So what is orgasm? According to the dictionary; it is the climax of sexual excitement, characterized by intensely pleasurable feelings centered in the genitals and in men is experienced as an accompaniment to ejaculation. Now we know the literal part let’s get my part.

The first time I had sex seriously I didn’t get the meaning of what was happening all I felt was a lingo pushing in partly and then pulls out partly again after sometimes it pulls out completely .Sharing with friends was the most terrible thing to even think about because they were busy confessing how it was a two way feeling ‘sweetness and bitterness’ and how womanly they felt, so how was I going to spill it out? I was forced to lie to them due to the fact that an honest lie is better than a boring truth. I saw how they boasted that the love making period was their best moments surprisingly how they craved to make out each time they were free. All I could do was wear a fake smile like a lost soaked chick.

Until date I really have never experienced this feeling that makes you wet and have that sneaky feeling which leads you to surrender to every object on earth screaming all kinds of sounds, uttering new words if not talking in tongues until you get restless and motionless. In those few seconds all your troubles are no more what you feel is a brand new you fully motivated inside out.

Explaining this yet…It hit me real hard maybe I had a problem but well unfortunately I was medically fit and there was no reason for any sexual problem alert. At a point I felt like it was because of the knife ritual I underwent some years back [for it is believed it tames your sexual arousal ] but again some of my friends underwent the similar experience but they still had an orgasm. Where should I be heading to ?

My partner and I are busy enjoying the moment heading down to the significantly awaited moment for I was holding a strong muscle yet spongy lingo calling me to serve the hot meal which was busy spreading beautiful aroma ,the meal is elastic which was ready to be devoured. After washing lingo in my fertile crescent filled with silk it was time to rinse my mouth with pure milk dropping slowly from lingo’s jar.

It was time to eat the sumptuous meal so I open my fertile crescent to lingo for it is time. Only the lingo’s jar is busy flowing while my fertile crescent meal isn’t even finished only a portion of it has been eaten. Lingo is satisfied because the milk is emptied no more urge to bring another jar due tiredness it has fallen asleep. Fertile crescent is not happy for her meal was destroyed she can’t talk but I am unable to present her. I am emotionally blackmailed.

That’s how my sexual life has been for the past 6 years in different relationships .Yes I know you should talk it through with my partner but how can you tell a farmer who has worked on a piece of land with truthfulness and good intentions to make you happy but he is tired will you make him work again after completing ? I know the job is badly done but I have not paid for it ,it was a mutual understanding.

The feelings should be respected though I have not been satisfied .In this millennium funny that communication with our partners is still hard. Basically I don’t know the meaning of orgasm practically its only imaginary and worst that I’ve never even attempted to reach the climax. This sex thing is always complicated its better I read Chemistry all day and do Biology practicals with cramming the scientific names.

Gays on the other hand have proved they usually have 100% orgasm be it either lesbians or gays and that means this feeling really exists. I guess it is good to have sex with the wrong people to meet the right people. You know that singular act has made me pull off relationships not entirely but at least a good percent of the reason as to why .The fear of getting disappointed each and every time having sex isn’t making me have peace of mind. I am waiting for my superman to come rescue me from this sexual bondage where I lack pleasure of having orgasm.
MY CREW JUST BE PATIENT LIKE ME BUT DON’T TAKE MY ADVICE. Let us meet when the deal has been done.