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Find her at the public joints when she is not on a night shift. To some, she is that ever smiling nurse that every patient misses when she’s off duty while to some of us, we know her as the queen of soulful music. In either way, she injects, with a syringe or a microphone, all depends on your location: at the hospital or maybe a public joint. Naiga Music is a Kenyan Female artist, who has been doing good ever since she began, I catch up with her and here is all we got for you today.

Who is Naiga?

My real name is Rehema A Naiga Mollan. Married and a mother of 3.

When did you start your musical career?

I started my music in 2018

How can you describe your music?

I wanted to do something different and special. My music is all about love and affection.

What inspired you to venture into music?

I visited a children’s home in Nairobi December 2017 and sang a song to the children they loved the song and they all thought I was a big musician or something, they loved my songs and asked if I can sing more, I love music because of the powerful message it brings, from that day at the children home I promised to sing more and decided to bring out my music to the world.

 What was your family’s reaction?

My family has been super supportive from day one. They love my music.

 Your major breakthrough?

My major breakthrough is on the way, still “cooking” but it will be out soon

Other than music, what else do you do?

I am a founder and Managing director of Point Five International (NGO) also am a registered nurse.

How do you balance family and your music career, you know how kids are and the responsibilities. How do you manage that?

I just had my last born and only daughter 2 months ago so it’s a bit hard but I get a lot of help from my husband so I can say am managing.

What makes your music different from others’?

The massage my music brings out is totally different with others, or Kenyan music

What does Point Five International do?

Point Five International is Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that has been working on different issues such as Human Rights, Women and Youth Development, Drugs Control, HIV & AIDS, since 2010.

 Your music content is purely in English; does this translate that you target mainly the international audience?

Yes, and No, at first my main focus was singing in English but I realized that if I wanted to hook East Africa audience, I should have a mix of English and Swahili like my latest release Moyo Wangu is in Swahili though my main target is international audience. Therefore, most of my songs will be in English.

What are some of the challenges that you face in music, being a female artist?

Being a newbie sucks, but am getting there. When I look at those female artists that have made it, I clearly see I still have a long way to go. But I will never give up and am here to stay.

What should your fans expect during your homecoming?

 Good things coming up. That’s why am coming home

Parting shot?

I want to say thank you to my fans. I get more energy when I see the love and support from them, it’s amazingly beautiful many thanks again.

Social media handles:

Facebook: Naiga Music

 Instagram: naigaYouTube: Naiga Official

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