December 11, 2019 0 By Jack Nthigah

The saying that “women gossip while men discuss,” is, in my own view, not applicable today. It may have been true in the old days, but not of the modern woman. Women today are involved in big big business transactions,and are occupied with alot of serious things which leave no room for trival things like gossiping.

Most women today hardly have time for themselves, not to mention gossiping about other people. If they squeeze in time to listen to happenings around Town,they do so to learn lessons from other’s mistakes. No woman wants to be a scape goat, so the time two or three women spend telling stories is a,”discussing period,”not gossip. They are doing this to guard what happens to them.

It is worth discussing a matter when a young woman in an office is promoted because she is in good terms with the big boss.
It ain’t gossip when chicks gather to talk about her. They also want to make progress and maybe by putting there heads together something good might come out of there discussions.
As the world is progressing so are the people in it .

Men gossip alot these days. They make Jest of all the girls they have gone to bed with and point fingers at them. And sometimes boast to their friends about a particular woman would never succumb to any man’s advances other than their own men.

This reminds me of a guy who was telling his friends one of the greatest jokes of the year. He told his fellow group of “ladies” about a chick he met sometime ago, who according to him, implored him to “iwache tu ndani,don’t remove it” whenever they were lungulaing with her. Since then, whenever his friends saw this lady, they laughed be and embarrassed her and then repeated the same story to any new person who had not been told before. Is that not gossip?