November 26, 2019 0 By Kencollins Waruhiu

Thought it won’t happen again
Maybe I thought it would be a little bit strange
It wasn’t supposed to happen this quick
Never thought I was ready
I never put that much effort into it
I just let it flow…
I got trapped in it.

Now it seems we’ve known each other all our life
So if loving you is wrong then I don’t want to be right
Lets go out and dance the night away set ablaze a passions.
Forget everyone else existed

Our lips locked together tongues moving together in a unison dance
Hands exploring each others bodies
Our heartbeats in a perfect philharmonic
Our breathes close to one another
temperatures rising fast
Our animal instincts kicking in an just letting them control
Wave being hit by wave after wave of irrepressible pleasure in each others arms

i know we destined to be,born for each other
in each others arms we shall forever reside
call me your pillar of strength,
for you my beacon of hope,my driving force
our story is all written in the stars
the four corners of the universe
set in motion even before time
be were just meant to be