October 26, 2019 0 By Jack Nthigah

What is love?! Some may call it the mutual feeling between two people,some may say its the physical affection towards two people (mostly associated with great lungula) but what is love really or “Majalti” as we call it in my native language?

Love is a variety of feelings, emotions, and attitude. For some love is more than just being interested physically in someone, it’s an emotional attachment. Love is more of a feeling that a person feels for another person…

The basic meaning of love is to feel more than liking towards someone. Give me the metric of love! It’s about transition. When you go to the gym and look to the mirror you see nothing. When you commit yourself to be consistent it gets you into shape slowly by slowly. Commitment and persistence is the metric of love.

If we can relate in relationships people could fall in love for various reasons, these could be a few examples :-

  • She\he fell in love with you because when you went to the fridge to grab yourself some water you brought hers or his along.
  • She\he fell in love with you because you gave an ear when all she\he wanted was to rant.
    -‘She\he fell in love with you because you respected her\his choices and guided her\him through them.
  • She\he fell in love with you because you opened her\his mind into thinking of greater things.
    And most importantly, instead of judging him\her you became the shield of immense strength.
    The accumulation of little things is what amounts to love. It is those little things that you do over and over that makes you say I love my job, I love myself, I love my spouse.
    Away from that….
    Assess yourself and the situation, all of us are self made but only the successful will admit it. Take your time to do these little sweet things to yourself, that’s how to grow with confidence. Be greatful for the gift that has been instilled within you. When all is said and done you will love yourself, you will love your job, you will love your spouse. Take your time to fall in love with yourself, your talents and gifts then transfer the same energy always.
    Push yourself,love is limitless.