October 1, 2019 0 By Paul Alpha Mwangi

What’s your frequency;
Frequency is the number of occurrences of a repeating event in a specific period of time. They apply in almost every single aspect of our daily living, mostly we don’t usually realize but we have this frequencies every time. Our phones for example, you connect with a friend or family , frequencies transmit our communication either through text messaging or whatasapp, calls ,emails.

Everything contains a universal link through a frequency. All this are lines of vibrations that are connected. In whatsapp we could be in different parts of the world but I take a picture and just instantly you receive it. Gaming is awesome, recently NIKON Gaming arena recorded over 750mbps of internet speed.

Growing technology is developing and providing advanced improvements with higher frequencies. The brain also has its vibrations, they are called neural oscillations. Well the brain function differently because it emits frequencies that enable activity in the human body and connect it to any external factors existing around him. Thoughts require frequencies, thoughts produce energy which is actually the most potent energy existing.

Does it mean that that our thoughts are indeed our realities? Everything that actually want is already here and we need to get to them by vibrating or tuning to the same frequencies as them. Anything that you attract to you at any frequency comes to you ,you just need to know what you want.

We should always send right and good frequencies out to the world, to our friends as we relate with each other and we can always build great relationships . If you send out love and care, you shall receive the same. We need to check out on the frequencies that we send to the world to receive those of things that we truly want.

Kindness frequencies should be the most paramount because that way we help those who feel lost and abandoned come back to themselves, we walk with the demonized so that demonizing will stop, stand with the disposable so that someday a day will come when we stop throwing people away.

Let’s always choose frequencies to better us and those around but remember that whatever it is that you ask of the world in the right frequency you shall get because everything you need is HERE!!!