The world is changing and as it revolves every day new ideas are being generated on how to make it a better place.

First world countries are developing cars that don’t run on diesel or petrol.
These cars run on electricity.

Even as the world embraces this change I can’t help but ask myself are we really ready for this change?

I mean, let’s be honest, in first world countries it’s a viable idea.
These guys have got nuclear power plant that provide sustainable electricity
supply. So availability of the source of energy to charge these modern day cars wouldn’t be a parameter.
On the other hand, African nations are still grappling with power outages here and there.

Where would you even set up these charging stations without having to worry about vandalism.

Yes, we are going green .
It’s our responsibility to take care of our environment but making it more expensive to buy and run a car doesn’t really make it better for me as a prospective car buyer.

In my opinion (a petrolholic one) I’d rather pull up to a filling station and take ten minutes or less to fill up my Moti with fuel and drive for hours on end rather than charge a car for an hour only to drive it for 4 or 5 hours.

There’s a wide range of electronic cars out there some are extremely powerful and damn expensive .

In China there’s a super fast electric car, very flashy and enticing .
Anyone who looks at it will definitely fall in love with it at first sight.
With top speeds of more than 180 MpH you can only imagine the power this car has.
Here’s the catch though, it’s too damn expensive and you’d need to hire a pit crew just to drive it.
Here’s why, it’s got two batteries on each side of the car. These batteries weigh about 80kilos each. In order to charge the battery you’d have to remove them from the car.

Why go this hustle, I’d prefer things the way they are for now, or at least until they figure out how to make it easier, more affordable and convenient.

So are you willing to go Green at a higher cost or are you good with what we’ve got ❓

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